Top Management of Scinicariello consider Quality in terms of:

  • Determining and meeting Customer’s requirements with the aim of enhancing Customer satisfaction;
  • Developing an organizational structure suitable to carry out company processes;
  • Improving processes continuously;
  • Enhancing the professional competence of shore and shipboard personnel;
  • Establishing a relationship of mutual benefit with the suppliers.
    Customer satisfaction can be achieved by supplying the charterer with a tailored, reliable, flexible service, and technologically advanced.
    Company should be based on frequent internal and external communication, guaranteed also by an adequate control of documentation and a suitable technology always aiming at the greatest enhancement of the existent personnel competence. Moreover, human resources, essential to achieve Quality objectives, should be continuously motivated and encouraged in the execution of its activities.
    Company, for Quality management:
  • Assures this policy’s spread, carried out and supported at all organization’s level;
  • Designates a Quality Manager with organizational freedom and authority to develop and manage the System, in agreement with the Manual and to the ISO 9001:2008 standard;
  • Provides the necessary resources and qualified personnel by defining its organization, identifying specific tasks and responsibilities, through suitable procedures, co-ordinating all the tasks in order to achieve Quality objectives;
  • Develops a system of indicators for monitoring and measuring the trend of the Quality System.